Living with Auto Pilot

One of the gifts of being a Feng Shui practitioner is I get to see my home as an extension of my life.  Recently living into that I moved 3 rooms around.  My bedroom went into my guest room, my guest room went into my office/art room and my art room/office went into my bedroom.  I love it!  Having my art room in the most bright and open place in the house has already gotten the creative juices going!

An unanticipated reaction to the change was a totally subconscious one.  My former bedroom had a slight step down to enter it.  Now that my bed is in a new room, every time I left that room my leg would lift up like it had to go up a step.  I looked hilarious every time I left that room for the first week!

I often talk about unconscious stories we tell ourselves and then importance of becoming aware of them.  Another theme for life is that the brain needs to be rewired for change to feel natural.  This incident with the step really brought home for me how much of  life is habit and automatic.  My first reaction is awe for the mechanics that allows me to type this sentence.  My second is how can I ever even know all the subconscious things happening in my brain.  The third is back to awe, it only took a few days of repeated behavior for my brain to readjust.

When doing this inner work, it’s important to understand we work with an amazing mind, body, spirit connection.  It is so much more than we could ever imagine.  The goal is not to master or control the process but to companion it.  It’s not a failure when false stories pop up, it is part of the miracle of life.  How we choose to work with it is what the inner life is all about.

This is similar to my Feng Shui practice.  My home and my life cooperate and are a reflection of each other.  They work together.  My mind, body, and spirit do this same dance.  Sometimes that dance looks like I’m falling out of my room!   Sometimes it leads to more creativity because I was willing to listen and change.  This journey is a full and rich one with awkward and beautiful moments that both call to be embraced.

PS. If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui please let me know!

-Amanda Petersen