Old Haunts

When a new season comes there is a sense of deja vu that comes with it.  As the heat increases in Phoenix memories of summers past come flooding back. I can be in the present and 4 different past places every time I get near a swimming pool. I flash to being a child and doing a cannonball challenge with my brothers, then to relaxing times of floating with the warm of the sun and also to wonderful times swimming with my daughter.

There is a sense of “oh I know what summer is all about” when the seasons change. At the same time I may be watching the next generation in my family begin to build her own summer memories and as she does my memories change also. This happens in our spiritual lives as well.  Certain events happen; maybe a funeral, maybe a wedding, maybe each time one meditates, that brings to mind how our soul was in the past when these events happened. All the while building new memories. Watching one’s soul unfold.

This is easier with good memories and much more challenging when the memories that come up are not so pleasant. Our soul can feel the pain as though it is happening right now. This is why it is so important to have a regular spiritual practice of reflecting. Through this practice one is as reflexive about the Now and the What-May-Be as they are about the Past Experiences.  

Then, in those Past Experiences, whether good or bad, there is a sense of the flow of being in the Now, with the momentum of What-Has-Been-Before, that allows for the New to spring forth. This week try a spiritual practice of noticing when the Past floods in, bring yourself to the Present moment, and become curious about What-Is-Unfolding.

May the changing of the Seasons be a time of renewed knowing that you too are the same and new all at once.

-Amanda Petersen