Are You Living A Zombie Life?

One a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "Not Aware At All" and 10 being "I Soak Up Everything" how aware would you say you are?

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago I would have said maybe a 5 on a good day. Then some events happened to set me straight and now I would say a 1 on a good day. One event was a flood to my bathroom for the second time. One would think the second go around I would have a heightened awareness of what was happening. Nope.

They came in and asked questions that had me saying “I don’t know” and “I’m not sure”. Now because of this experience I am much more aware of the issues and humbled at how much I just don’t see. I don’t think we can be aware of everything. Our being processes so much information it needs to prioritize what is important and focus on that.

Spiritually speaking, the image that came to me was Zombies. They wander around only focused on one thing – the next meal. When I think of how much I miss due to lack of awareness I have to admit I’m kind of Zombie-like myself. Life can be lived in an inner Zombie-like state and it’s fairly easy to stay there. I do think the term "undead" fits and that really isn’t living life.

When I think of the other extreme, awareness of everything, personally I can’t see how that would work. There would be too much information to process  and I would lose presence to what I want to pay attention to. Moving through life someplace in the middle is more of a reality.

For myself, my awareness is somewhat heightened by:

  • Humility: I am not aware of everything. What I am aware of is only a tiny piece of the pie and not the only or "right" way. I need to admit that and rely on others and God to see what I can’t.
  • Balance: Making sure I am living an internal and external life. Too much of one or the other limits my view.
  • Practice: Becoming curious about things I take for granted. Stretching myself outside my comfort zone to heighten my awareness.
  • Meditation: One of the best ways to open my being to what is and a bigger picture.
  • Community: Allowing others to point to what I cannot see. Learning from what others might see.  Sharing what I see.

I believe all those connected to Pathways of Grace and living an inside out life are trying their best to live an aware life. The next time you bump into a Zombie show them some love. They are just doing the best they can.