What is your vitamin regime?

When was the last time you mentioned something like heart burn or trouble sleeping and the group around you all lists off vitamins or supplements that could help you? As a society we have a wealth of education and opportunity to take care of our bodies and we are learning new things every day. How many supplements are in your cupboard? Do you have one you swear by to help with something?

I am re-reading a favorite book of mine, Dancing with Elephants: Mindfulness Training For Those Living With Dementia, Chronic Illness or an Aging Brain. by Jarem Sawatsky, and a phrase popped out at me:

"Have you had your daily dose of vitamin awe?"

Contemplatively speaking, there are ways to supplement our souls also. Many of you take soul supplements and have lists you would swear by. Meditation is a supplement I could not go without.

Yet… awe. How often is life supplemented with awe? Just thinking about being in awe does something to my soul. Like many supplements, awe is made up of the essence of life, not manufactured. Awe is a way of being that is directly tapped into the Source of All. Life becomes gift the instant we take vitamin awe. For myself, awe and gratitude go hand in hand. From the gift to the thank you.

As you begin your day and reach in that cupboard for your supplements and vitamins, think about what soul vitamins you are taking during your day. I’d love to hear your favorites and how they help you!!

-Amanda Petersen