A Cool Drink on a Hot Day

I had the honor of speaking at One Church this last Sunday and they asked me to speak on the topic of Shame. The scripture I worked with was the woman at the well in John 4:1-42. I couldn’t get past verse 7; “Would you get me a drink" and how she immediately brought up the cultural differences. 

How often does God/Universe say, “Hey I need you!” and we respond “What? Don’t you see the limitations?” And we don’t do this out of avoidance or resistance, but out of a sense of limited vision. We can only see what we can see. A byproduct of a culturally wide shame– creating a space where people feel they are less than– is that reality is seen with such small vision. We can only see what we can see. If our belief in who we are is limited, then our world view is limited.

Love comes unexpectedly into our lives in the form of another person and says "I see you and I need you to help me out." Love blows the lid off the limited reality but "that isn’t done," or "I don’t know how" or "what if I can’t?" Love sees what we can’t and invites us to a world of grace and possibility.

The key is we have to be willing to hear Love's invitation even with our limited view and trust. This means developing a life that allows another to help us see what we can’t on our own. I have found in my life that when Love asks for my help it is often to be that presence of love for another regardless, of whether I feel I am up to the task or not.

As I was putting this sermon together I could hear Love’s call in a culture that has a force that wants to limit us. I could hear Love saying "could you get me a drink?" Could you be the water that is needed in this parched world? Are you willing to see beyond what you know?

Pathways of Grace is responding to that call to be the vision when Love is asking you to see beyond what you know. If you are in a transition and don’t know what to do or know that life could look differently, yet are lost in how to begin, starting in July we will be offering packages where a team of practitioners will walk with you as you listen to Love's expanding call and give you the space and experience to see life from Love’s point of view. More details will come. In the meantime, may your life be broken into by Love this week, whether you are invited into Love’s expanding view or being asked to be Love to another.