What's Next?

I’m sitting here in the lobby of Pathways of Grace. It is quiet and peaceful, the sky is cloudy and windy. I feel within me the anticipation of tonight’s Sampler Night. In an hour or so, people will be arriving and the space will awaken in a whole new way. As I watch the wind and clouds there is also this feeling of anticipation. Will there be rain? A dust storm?

I love this space of the edge of change. It’s so peacefully filled with what is right now and yet there are flutters about what will be. It’s times like these that the Presence of God/Universe seems so close. A loving embrace as the now and the not yet come together.

It reminds me of breathing out and breathing in.

I have been attending the Tuesday Kundalini Yoga Meditation when I can and am loving paying attention to the rhythm of the breath. These times of quiet anticipation and not knowing are like that pause between breaths. That moment before the storm arrives, or the guests come. That little pause before the next breath where the world stands still.

It’s easy to miss that pause. To fill it up with the getting ready so that the sacred pause is swallowed up. The transition from one moment to the next is gone and life seems to be one endless series of events. This pause reminds me that life is not just event after event. As I sit here, all that has gone on in my day slows down, I appreciate this quiet and I am grateful for what is to come. I have no idea whether it will storm tonight or who all will be coming tonight. Because of this pause I do know the importance of being present to what is happening rather than living in what hasn’t happened yet.

May your week be filled with sacred pauses to remind you that life is not a series of what’s next but a dance of what is.