Excessive Heat Warning

The phrase Excessive Heat Warning has popped up on my phone this week.  Summer has entered Phoenix with full force.  It was interesting to notice what happened within me when I saw that phrase.  I was getting ready for my day in a great mood and everything shifted just by looking at those words.

What I wore and some of what I planned to do changed based on that phrase.  Even my mood was challenged by the phrase.  My brain was doing what it needed to do.  The same would have happened if the weather were 72 degrees or -40 degrees.  My brain would have made decisions based on seeing that number.  My thoughts would have attached to stories of the past based on experiencing that number before.  

We are bombarded with information every second and if we are not practicing a conscious or contemplative life, it’s easy to get to the end of the day and wonder who lived this day?  This awareness of how did I end up here happens sometimes so subtly it’s like a slow leak in a tire.  One day you wake up and see it’s flat.

Practicing something that heightens your awareness everyday, like prayer, meditation, journaling, talking with others, etc. also has an effect on the brain and your life.  It gives our lives a connection to a bigger picture that allows us to participate in life instead of reacting to a circumstance.  These practices of awareness, are also subtle and accumulative.  

There are phrases that enter our lives that impact us even more.  “You have cancer”, “Your parent has died”, “You are fired”, “I want a divorce.”  These can send our lives spinning.  Having a practice that connects to God/Spirit or inner wisdom will create some stability to enter into it with the fullness of who we are.  It provides a grounding in a spinning world.  It will not make a hot day any cooler or a painful situation to go away.  The subtle art of practicing  awareness/contemplation will create a grounding in Love and compassion for oneself and others expands even when it’s 112 degrees.

Need help getting going?  Feel free to reach out to one of our practitioners.

May you have a week of noticing that regardless of the circumstances you are enough.