How badly do you want it?

We are in the season of summer road trips.  Anyone remember AAA trip maps?  I loved them as a kid.  I could see where we have been and know where we were headed.  I love seeing the whole picture!!  Then along comes GPS.  I have to admit I struggle with GPS.  It just tells me moment by moment where I am to go and I have to trust it.  Having lived in the Valley for a long time I know several ways to get to where I want to go; why listen to GPS?

I find I have this ongoing struggle with GPS around what I know and what it tells me.  Especially when I have an appointment in Phoenix where I have to drive through rush hour traffic.  I don’t have to do that on a daily basis so when I know one way and GPS knows another I find it challenging to trust GPS knows the traffic situation and I don’t.  I may know the road but I can’t predict what is up ahead on the road.  My favorite path may have construction or be bumper to bumper.  I have to be willing to let go of my planned route for the sake of what GPS might know.  All for the goal of getting to my destination on time.  Sometimes I’m right sometimes GPS is right, the point is I need to be willing to be flexible and let go of what I’m comfortable with.

One thing I have observed with humanity no matter how powerful the desire for change is and how high the enthusiasm goes, when a trusted friend says “Well, in order to get there, have you ever thought about…?”  Then come all the reasons why that road is not a good one.  Oh, I can’t because…

In the contemplative walk, there is a practice of being flexible and a willingness to let go of past routes and understandings for the sake of getting where one wants to go.  What I have found in the process is the passion to love becomes more important than what I “know” about someone.  That the ability to share a healing moment becomes more important than whatever plan I may have come up with.  Life in general begins to be lived for a bigger reason and I get to dance with the Divine in ways I never knew.  The gift of being willing to be flexible and let go is that I get to show up to the path that is perfect for me.  Sometimes a friend's suggestion may be perfect and sometimes I have the wisdom of my own journey that theirs may not be right.

Just like the GPS there are several ways to go, to discern next steps in life.  The real gift is the willingness to be open to something new.  We need others to help us do this.  You will notice we have changed our website.  This took a willingness to listen to the wisdom of others who have journeyed roads I have not traveled.  A big thank you to Jennifer Kahtz and Emotive Pull, Ernie Gregg and EJG2, Shannon at Project Pros and all the practitioners at Pathways of Grace who took this road with me.

If you are in a place of discernment or looking for some expert guides to help you figure out next steps please check out our supportive packages

As you journey this summer may you find ways to travel the paths that lead you to Love.