Listen to this!

Have you ever felt like you aren’t being heard? One of those conversations where you finally get the courage to say what is going on and your hopes are that the other person will understand your point of view and instead they miss the point and hijack the conversation?

Have you ever left a conversation with a feeling like you just missed an opportunity to really connect with someone? A moment that could have been taken was missed?

Connection is a tricky thing. We yearn for it and we run from it. Now there are many reasons for this and hundreds of books on the topic, yet I have found understanding why only takes me so far. In a life where I am connected to the world at every moment through devices I find that heart connection is something I must choose each day.

Heart connection is one of the hardest practices because it is the one with the least control of circumstantial outcome. It is also the one that challenges my sense of self the most. Connection can be messy and beautiful, frustrating and joyous.

It is something that is being threatened in our culture right now. The messiness of connection is all around us globally and nationally. There are so many people one would rather not connect with because quite frankly there is a lot of ugly in the world. Why connect with someone who is bigoted, judgmental, conservative, liberal, etc?  It’s painful, threatening, scary and truly would it even make a difference?

Maybe if our voice were louder, then they would get it. Or let’s ban them that would do it. Yet from a spiritual perspective this misses the point about connection and communication. The point is not to get to some understanding or goal or even to be heard. The point is the willingness to connect for the sake of what connection is all about; Love. Who knows what will come out of it, yet I think we all can come up with stories about people willing to face the messiness of connection and Love shone. The results may or may not have been good yet the Love, the bravery and humanity is what lingers and inspires.

Deep connection is in our being and yet it also needs to be practiced and taught. This is the reason for developing the Deep Listening series. To give a place to practice connection. Whether you take one of these course or not, I urge you to find some way to practice connection every day. Our world needs connectors more than ever.