Hmmmmm I wonder what will happen…

Ever have a plant you know nothing about and have to wait to see what it will do? I know we live in the age of google and instant answers yet even with that there is still a period of waiting to find out what will happen. Watching the plants way of being just unfold.

This would happen to me whenever I would move to a new state and move into a home that had trees and plants I had never encountered before. I was delighted at every new phase. Will the leaves drop in the Fall? Will it flower? What will I do with the fruit?

I am finding life at Pathways of Grace similar to that experience. With the addition of new practitioners, a new space, and new people enjoying the space there is a whole new life to it evolving that I could never have foreseen. I watch and wonder.

The challenge with living for a while is there is so much of life that has been seen and feels predictable. There is a tendency to jump to been there done that or this is what happens EVERY spring. The wonder of watching life evolve leaves and it feels like all the answers to the magic has been revealed. Then when something does change, retirement, loss of a spouse, someone new marries into the family it can feel extremely jarring because one is out of practice with being in wonder.

No matter what one’s age is, practicing the aware/contemplative life throughout all of life will heighten that sense of “I wonder what is evolving?” It comes back to that age-old practice of every day is truly a new day and developing a beginner’s mind. It allows for God/Divine to be a part of what is unfolding and unpredictable.

With Pathways of Grace one of the new growth areas will be a package program. For those who are in a time of change and having trouble getting a sense of how to be or what to do with all the changes we have 3 new packages we are offering. Each package is 6 weeks and during that time 3 practitioners will support you as you listen within to the evolution of your life. You will not have to go through this change alone. We will have your back as you find your way.

With all three you get:

4 hours of coaching,
4 hours of a specialty that fits your spirit, and
6 hours a practice that will support your body.

These uniquely tailored packages are:

A Bounce Back Package:

This is for you if you have experienced a change that involves a loss or ending. This could be a person, a job, a sense of identity, etc.

A New Growth Package:

This is for you if you find that life as you have known it no longer works. This could be in the area of your relationships, spirituality/faith life, career, etc.

A Sampler Package:

This is for you if you are looking to try something new yet not quite sure where to begin.  You love to learn and grow.

With each of these packages you will be personally supported in your journey and will find yourself feeling more grounded and empowered to face whatever season of life you are in.

If you are interested in one of these packages please contact me at and I’ll share more details with you.

May you find your sense of wonder around what is unfolding in your life this week!