How to Deal with Difficult Situations and Not Lose Yourself.

I am in the midst of some challenges that are creating some chaos (movement) in my life.  One is the chaos that comes with creation and will be to my benefit and the other is just the chaos that can happen in life.  As I am moving through these situations I find myself saying "Wow! This practice really works!"  I thought I’d share what I am doing in the midst of these in hopes it may inspire you in a difficult situation.

Here is what I am doing to move through this.

  • Meditation – it feels counter intuitive to just sit when everything around you says MOVE, FIX, PANIC.  That is exactly the time to take 20 minutes (or even 2 minutes) and stop and pause and remember life is bigger than this situation and to draw strength from that.
  • Write out what is really going on – just the facts.  Separating facts from story gives a grounding point when the stories start swirling.  This helps you go from “the sky is falling” to “No a tree branch fell.”
  • Reach out to people who will support you through this.  This can be difficult, especially when you are an "I can do it myself" kind of person.  Choose your support team carefully and make sure the people you invite in will help you stay in what is and not feed the disaster story waiting at your door.
  • Go over solutions with those support people and see which way is the best to begin moving forward.  Move forward from a place of All Is Well With Your Soul, even if circumstances are difficult.  This helps keep panic down.
  • During the waiting time do activities that keep you in gratitude.  Last night I did a bunch of projects around my home that not only kept my mind busy but also left me so grateful for all that is my life.
  • Most importantly, feel what you are feeling.  Cry, stomp your feet, scream into the pillow.  Honor where you are.  Take care and be gentle with yourself.

Difficult situations can be walked through without losing your center.  Keeping centered doesn’t take the issue away or cause you to magically float through it.  What keeping centered does do is allow you to move through it consciously and not bound to stories that may or may not be true.  It allows you the freedom to be in what is and be supported not only by others but also the Divine and yourself.  For myself this allows me the space to let the issue be the issue but not my life, giving me a peace and stability as I move through this.

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May your week be filled with signs of blessing and wonders!