Lost in Transition

There was a place I used to work that naturally had a dark interior. Every time I entered the building I would have to stand there for a minute and let my eyes adjust to the dimmer light. One day I walked in and someone wanted me to read something and I let them know it would be a moment before I could see it and they responded, “Oh I get it, you are lost in transition.”

That nailed what transition is like. As much as we would love to plow through it the reality is transition
•    Blinds us
•    Takes time
•    Requires assistance

Transitions are blinding because everything you thought you understood is a bit off (or a lot off). Whether that is a loss of a job, a move to a new town or an interior wake up, the newness causes temporary blindness. This can cause a sense of feeling lost, isolation or overwhelm.

You can’t rush it. Your spiritual pupils dilate at their own pace. As much as you may want to rush to the other side of the transition it takes the time it takes. There are things you can do help the process, yet it takes the time it takes. This season is a time to practice grace and courage.

The waiting time of transitions is eased with the assistance of others. It’s like having someone who has adjusted to the dark just giving your elbow a steady hold while your eyes adjust. Whether that is book where the author says something that feels like home or seeing someone whose “heartsight” can help guide you to your own knowing in this new space.

Transitions are sacred space, holy ground where something beyond you is working to allow you to step more fully into your life. If you find yourself in transition may you also find grace with yourself and safe support for your journey.

I am now opening my practice to those who need some “heartsight” in their transitions. Click below to schedule some time.

May you honor all the little transitions in your life this week (going to sleep, waking up, going to work or coming home) so you will feel more at home in the bigger ones.