Is This Your First Day?

September reminds me of the first day of school and all my new supplies; sharp pencils, new erasers and the all-important lunchbox and backpack. Picking supplies out was thrilling. And then I’d get to school and my energy would be all over the place. The reality didn’t match my expectations and then I didn’t feel like I wanted to start the new school year anymore.

As adults, new beginnings—like the fresh start of a new project, a new job, a move or cleaning the house—often begin with a bang just as they did in childhood. You feel thrilled that your dreams are finally coming true! In addition, each new beginning is an opportunity to do things differently. You’re excited to change a limiting habit or embark on life-changing journey, knowing that it will make life more fulfilling.

Then a gap begins to appear between the excitement of beginning and getting to where you want to go. This can cause the bang of starting out to turn into a fizzle. Life circumstances may cause the new beginning to feel more like you are chasing the starting line rather than crossing it. This type of chasing can make you feel like you are not yet ready, and you decide to wait for circumstances to change. When my children leave the house, THEN I will... Once life slows down, THEN I will…  
Chasing the starting line and going from a bang to a fizzle has been a theme in my own spiritual/inner journey. For years feeling like I was living in that not yet place. If you are familiar with the pattern of beginning with a bang and then ending with a fizzle or never feeling like you get to where you want to be, then I would like to give you two awareness practices that will change everything.

1.   Acceptance.  
It is important to begin the awareness practice of acceptance of where ever you are in this new beginning. Where is your enthusiasm on a scale of 1-10? How motivated are you really? Where is your energy level? How you answer any of these questions does not mean you should not begin.  It means you will begin with your own reality. If you have 5 children under 5 years old you are going to begin differently than someone who is an empty-nester. Yet both of you will begin.

2.   Claim it
Write down that you are beginning this journey.  The awareness of claiming is a very powerful one. Let Spirit know you are beginning this journey. Find a trusted friend and share your new beginning. Claim that the power of the Universe is working with you on this new beginning. New beginnings are an invitation to believe that Spirit can use whatever you bring and turn it into something new. When you are aware of feeling like you are chasing the starting line, ask yourself if  you are looking outside of yourself to begin or are you claiming that, with Spirit, every moment is a new beginning?

As you begin this journey, you have everything you need to begin regardless of your circumstances. Accept that your life circumstances will cause your beginning to be unique to you. You may move quickly and in a straight line or you may start and stop or wind around many times, accept your uniqueness and then claim to the depths of your soul that regardless you are beginning each day to be the fullness of who you are meant to be. Trusting you have all you need and if that doesn’t feel like enough, trusting Spirit has everything else.

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-Amanda Petersen