Are You Finding Peace A Bit Disappointing?

Sometimes finding peace isn’t all it’s promoted to be. I haven’t found many places that talk about that. You do all this inner and enlightening work and your vision of life expands and then… Life just continues to march on as usual. In most cases it gets harder!

When you meet someone that just exudes peace and yearn for what they have, beware. The person that seems to be floating on clouds through life is really filled with more choices and challenges than you could imagine.

“I thought this was going to get easier.” Is a sentence I often hear in my practice. That is when the reality sets in that peace does not equal easy. So why would anyone want to do inner work?

The peace that passes understanding is about something bigger than circumstantial ease. Here are a few things I’ve observed in the wonderful souls that have chosen to pursue peace.

  • They are awake to what is happening within and around them. This creates a life of response and not reaction. Even though life may look chaotic around them they are observing, allowing and responding.

  • Because they are awake they are now free to choose how to respond. Now that may sound easy, yet how often have you said yes to something and wonder why you did that? Or yelled at someone and later regretted it? The peaceful person has more freedom to step back and choose their response.

  • The peaceful person knows the pain of letting go and the joy of open hands. Doing the inner journey is challenging because it means letting go of old beliefs, patterns and way of being in the world. Through the many letting go practices they are able to know the pain of growth is also deeply connected to life. When painful situations happen, they are friends with that feeling and can move through it with a different vision.

  • They have learned to live closely with God/Source/Divine or whatever name you put to Radical Love. That bond is stronger that the desire to please, be right or put yourself down. Because of that bond they know Love intimately.

  • Peaceful people are generous people. There is room in their lives to give from a place of all-is-enough and abundance. Because they give from a place of response their giving is like a way of Love.

If you are on a journey of peace and finding it challenging, know I’m here (as are the others at Pathways of Grace) with a safe place to yell “This is hard!” You will be welcomed by others who are doing the same walk.

If you are looking for the qualities of peace in your life; awakening, responsiveness, freedom to choose, a willingness to let go, a life close to Spirit and a free heart ready to give, click the link below and take the step to peace in your life.

May your week be filled with opportunities to scream, laugh, breathe and choose!