What I’m Not Doing in 2019

The new year is a great time for new beginnings.  As awareness begins, so does the want to change or add things to our lives.  We often say, “This year I’m going to change ‘blank’”.  Having awareness means change!

Deepening One’s Life

Awareness can also mean deepening one’s life.  This is what I will be doing for 2019 in my business.  Instead of adding a new program or trying a new tool to help the business expand this year, I am going to take what is working and deepen it.  By deepening it, I mean become aware of what is working and how I can make it even more useful for myself (and others).

There are times to reinvent and there are times to deepen.  What are you being invited to?  I am not only passionate about partnering with people as they grow within, I love to journey with those who have a business venture they want to deepen and grow.  Part of deepening may involve learning something new, or it may be taking what you’ve already learned and become more intentional about acting on it.

Need to Focus on Your Career?

Pathways of Grace is here to help you with your career.  Whether that is learning a new skill or building on what you have already begun.  I am starting a new Soul Centered Mastermind Group for anyone with a business, project or career that wants to listen to their unique voice and be supported by others.

For this week’s awareness ask yourself, “Is this the year I try something new or deepen what I have?” I’d love to continue the conversation!


I Believe In You!

By Gina Pollard


At the end of each year, I choose a word as a guide for the next year.  Last year the word was, “wholehearted.” When I chose it, I had no idea of the impact it would have on how I lived my life! 

In February, I began to realize that I wasn’t living ‘wholeheartedly’; I wasn’t paying attention to the very things I teach my clients. Things like “If you don’t like the life you are living, you can change it!” and “Take care of yourself, you deserve it!” I also realized that I needed to walk the talk – do those things and believe those things for myself as much as I did for my clients.

And then, a huge, crushing disappointment happened that left me feeling powerless and broken.  It went to the very core of what I’d been working toward for years, of what I thought I was supposed to want to be.  It literally doubled me over in grief and pain. And, it showed me that trying to live up to other’s expectations meant I wasn’t living my life on my terms.

I decided I’d had ENOUGH of being broken because of what other people said about me or denied me. It was time I stopped being the “good girl” and lived into the deepest sense of me!

Starting Small

My transformation started with something small – like wearing eyeshadow. It made me feel good, even pretty. So, I started adding other things such as: being intentional about growing my private practice, paying attention to self-talk, and taking care of my body.

The little things began to add up. Transformation happens in a series of small, positive steps done with intention and discipline. My life began to change as I was taking charge of my life, not just letting life happen to me. I began to really look at each area of my life, identifying what was keeping me from living in a wholehearted manner. 

This is what happened once I lived ‘wholeheartedly’ in 2018:

·      64 pounds gone – taking care of my body is honoring it! (I actually like vegetables… Who knew!)

·      Blue and pink hair – I’d wanted it for years and it felt like “coming home to the me that was inside” when I finally did it.

·      I became a better coach - The authentic me helps my clients to be authentic and take care of themselves.

·      Deeper relationships – Wholeheartedly being me allowed me to be wholehearted in loving others. I knew who I was, so I stopped seeking so much approval and was able to just “be.”

·      I was free to reach out for help – Working this year with a coach who specializes in relationships has been life changing in that it changed my relationship with myself, with others, and with being okay with my needs and desires. It reminded me that we all need help to be our best – even counselors, coaches, and therapists.

My word for 2019?  It’s “EMBRACE”. This is the year I am embracing the life that started living intentionally, wholeheartedly, and joyously!  I will embrace all that I am and all that comes into my path.  I hope that you will “EMBRACE” this new year, too.  I believe in you!