How to Stay Awake as You Greet 2019

I’m an early to bed, early to rise kind of person. When New Year’s Eve comes around, most of the time I wait until New Year’s Day to greet it with the sunrise. There are years when I am with family and friends who want to stay up and greet the new year at midnight. On those occasions I need a lot of intention and distraction to keep myself awake and even then, it’s no guarantee. Many times, someone is shaking me awake saying “Happy New Year!”.

When I hear talk about goals for the new year it reminds me of trying to stay awake until midnight. Usually when I want to move in a new direction, it takes me out of my routine. Which is good if it is pulling me closer to my more authentic self; then the change enhances my life. When the change in routine is more about a “should”, then I find I quickly return to my familiar patterns. For example, “I should read more” …” “I should meditate more” or “I should exercise more”.

I recently read that only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions keep them. This is automatically a self-defeating statistic when trying to challenge ourselves to set life goals! If the goal is an activity or a pass/fail situation then it is most likely going to be a challenge to stick with it. Therefore, I never set goals as much as I look at living into who I am.

Take a Good Look at Yourself

Rather than say “I am going to exercise for an hour a day” and make the activity the goal, I look at how I see myself. If I see myself as a healthy person, then I start looking at what I can do today to live more fully into that. That takes the “I should” out of it. Instead, every day is a new opportunity to show up to it.

Give it a try. Instead of asking, “what goal do I want to accomplish?”. Ask yourself, “what can I do today that will allow me to be my amazing self?” All it takes is a few small changes.

For this month, I will be looking at ways to be aware of who you are in your health, career and transitions. I will also have some supportive articles from our practitioners.

Please join us on this journey by sharing how you are moving into 2019 to be your most amazing self. You can also visit our Facebook page and share how you are showing up to who you are in 2019!


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