The Closed Window Effect

You have heard the phrase “When one door closes God opens a window.”  Well I have been going through a phase where the door closed and God said “Nope, no window opening for you.  It’s time for you to rest, take care of yourself and look at your life before you get back out there.”  WHAT??

Have you ever had that experience?  At first it may feel like being grounded.  Your freedom to come and go as you please has been restricted.  This could be because of illness, finances or just some random circumstance.  There you are in the room all doors and windows closed for the time being.  After running around and trying to find an escape and then pitching a fit you settle in and start looking around the room. 

Maybe you discover things you forgot about.  Or you confront the things you have been avoiding.  There is definitely time to rest and realize the world still spins without you out there.  And just when you get comfy with your room again (yourself again) you smell a fresh breeze and see all the doors and windows are open and ready for you to go.  Yet this time you are not escaping a room or moving because it’s what you are used to.  You choose to go out into the world and give because it’s who you are and now you are much more familiar with the gift of you.

As I have had time in my own room recently I have realized I want whatever is offered at Pathways of Grace to be something that helps you stay in your own space for awhile so you can then go out and be an amazing presence in a world that needs your presence.  So, whether it is to play creatively, reflect on a book, Feng Shui your home, be a part of a Soul Centered Mastermind or doing individual work, they aren’t just another thing to do.  They are a date with yourself.  To let you linger in the space of your soul just enough to allow you to get comfortable there. 

This month we will be lingering a bit as we head into Fall.

What is being planted for the future and what is being asked to be released?

Next week I’ll share some life gardening tips.

May your week give you opportunities to nest within yourself and love it!



P.S., If you are wanted to linger with others, check out the Holiday Edition of the Soul Centered Mastermind.