Stranger Encounters

Recently I have had experiences that surround the notion of the stranger in our lives. Strangers teach us a lot about  ourselves and our inner journey.

Ask yourself –
Do you have time for a stranger? Are you willing to release your schedule for a chance encounter?

What are your thoughts about the strangers around you? The person walking down the street, or the car that cut you off, or someone sitting alone at a café or walking and talking on their cell phone? 

Are you willing to approach a stranger? 

These are all interior questions that reflect on your beliefs around time, judgement and openness. There are no right or wrong answers. These are just questions that can help you evaluate what you believe at this moment. 

This month is a month of love. What does loving a stranger mean? I would invite you to think about this from an inner-belief reflection rather than a “a good person should love their stranger” type of doing. So how does loving the stranger fit into who you are? 

I love to hear stories of Stranger Encounters. Please feel free to share yours. Next week I’ll share mine. Often there is a reluctance to try something new because you may not know anyone or what if the strangers don’t like you.  Taking the time to encounter strangers as a spiritual practice may guide you into places you may not have ever imagined you would travel. 

Please share a stranger story and may this week be filled with stranger encounters.