The Gift of the Journey – Getting Stuck

I remember one time I was at a beach you could drive on and decided to try it. The only problem was what I thought was a road to the beach wasn’t and my car quickly sank into the sand. I was alone and had no clue how to get out of there.

That is a problem on the journey of life. You decide “Ok, I’m going to move in this direction, take a risk, and go for it” only to get a few feet and find you are stuck. Like me, you may try all you know to get unstuck but sometimes it’s what you don’t know that will get you moving again. How do you learn what you don’t know? By being vulnerable and asking for help.

I had to call AAA to get myself out of that jam and watching the equipment he had there was no way I could have done that myself. On the journey of life, it’s important to be a GUM; Get Unstuck Member. Having a team of people with different skills and in different places on the journey around you is a must. You will each call on each other at different times to help find ways out of sticky situations that can slow or stall your movement.

To be a GUM means being willing to:

Ask for help.

Trust the other members.

Be ready to help another.

Your support team may be something like a Mastermind Group, Prayer Group, Coach, Spiritual Director, a good friend an organization like a Faith Community or Small Business group or someone referred by a friend. As you journey in life you will know who those people are. Keep their information close for that day (and there will be that day) you need to call.

I am so grateful for my GUM group around Pathways of Grace, made up of friends, colleagues, coaches, faith support and organizations like the Small Business Development Center and National Association of Women Business Owners.

What were some of your stuck moments and how did you get moving again? Did you have a GUM group?

May your journeys be filled with support.




This Week’s Practice:

Make a list of who would be in your GUM group.

Are there people or resources you need to add?

Have a practice of asking for help in small ways so when the stuck times come you are free to reach out.

When someone says can “I help you take the groceries to your car,” say yes.

What is one thing you could ask someone for help with? This could be moving something, planning something or listening to an idea. Ask them. How does it feel to allow someone else help you out? What did you learn from the experience?