The Gift of the Journey – Passion and Beliefs

Sometimes the road isn’t determined by what you are passionate about or love to do. Sometime the road is determined by something deeper, what you believe or your core values. This was the case with the changes at Pathways of Grace.

My passion is to collaborate and create a space for people to explore their passion and their core values. The center was the peak of my love of that. Watching other practitioners share their gifts and creating a safe and welcoming space for everyone to work together has been an amazing gift and joy in my life. When the issues with permitting around the property came up and it was time to move on I had full intention of moving everyone with me.

When it came to commit to the next space a voice came to me saying “just because you love it doesn’t mean you should do it”. I know that voice well and it has always given me good information. This caused me to look deeply at my core beliefs, the things that really are the measure of my next steps. As I sat with this, I came to realize that my passion was also draining me in many ways. I have been running two businesses and carrying the responsibility for both and it was taking a toll on me. That is not how I want to live and move and breath in this life time.

“But I love both businesses!” my counter voice chimed in. Yet, as I sat down what I truly am here to practice is exploring faith, healing, empowering others to really see their core beliefs and live by them, guiding others as they take next steps to create the life they are here to live and collaborating and creating community. As fun as the Center is it is not where my energy needs to go at this point in time.

Sometimes you need to reimagine your passion for the bigger picture. What I know to be true is my passion is who I am and I will always pursue it. At this time, it won’t be in the form of a Center. I love the community that has been formed and the wonderful healing and awakenings that have happened in the walls of the 1428 space. I will deeply miss not seeing the practitioners there and all of you who have come to the Center.

When you listen deeply and let go of what you may think you have to do an amazing thing happens; you begin to see possibilities you never dreamed were there. I am also excited to watch what happens for each of the practitioners and myself as we move in new directions. Thank you, Gina Pollard, Rhonda Vroman Alexander, Selina Schuh, Carmen Payne, Kim deBeus, Kim Jacobs, Lee Mudro, Lee Woodard, Cynthia James, Debra Brunk, Cathy and Gil Stafford and the other practitioners who have participated in Pathways of Grace! I will be keeping a page with their information on the website for you to continue to use them and follow them.

Community is one of my passions, journeying with you to discover your core values or beliefs and truly explore them so that you have a life that is lived with congruency and passion in order to make a loving impact on the world around is a deep value of mine. If you would like to explore your beliefs or core values, please feel free to contact me for an appointment or sign up for my next Soul Centered Master Mind group.

This week on your journey are any of your passions causing you to get out of alignment? Do you know your core values and how are they influencing your next steps?

Peace and Gratitude to you all.



This Week’s Practice: What gives your life meaning?

Write out three stories of when you felt right with the world. This could be winning a prize for your art, helping someone with a project, climbing a mountain or being kind to a stranger.  Some time in your life you had a feeling of wholeness.

Be very detailed in your writing; do not summarize.

Read your stories and write down what you see as themes or other things that stand out.

Find 2 good listeners who will be honest with you and honor you and read your stories to them.

Ask them to listen for themes or things that catch their attention and have them write them down. 

Take your list and theirs and spend some time in quiet reflecting on what you notice.

Write out a sentence similar to this:

My belief in ________________ guides me to __________________________.

If you need help with discernment go to someone who will help you with that.  A spiritual director, coach, counselor or someone trained in helping discern.