The Gift of the Journey – Risk

Risk is part of every journey. There is always that fork in the road where the questions comes in, “what are you willing to risk?” Either choice requires a risk of some sort. One may be the risk of certainty, are you willing to go into the unknown? The other may be the risk of safety, if you take this safe route you may miss out on something amazing.

We love the stories of people taking huge risks in life and ending up with huge successes. Yet in the everyday of life there are millions of little risks to be taken. It doesn’t always have to be a huge risk to be a “real risk”. On the journey of life, just deciding to change one behavior can lead to many risks. You may decide to take a new class, start walking each day or develop a new friendship. Each of these involve risks.

If you fold the word risk into your daily life you will have a journey of freedom. Think about it, a person who risks is a person who is living for something a bit deeper. You are free to put your own world of knowing, expectations, and fears away to take a leap for a deeper reason. Even in determining what level of risk you want to make forces you to look deeper into what is important to you. Some risks you pass by for deeper reasons. Other risks you take whether they make sense to anyone else or not, for a deeper reason.

The other interesting thing about risk is it is always beneficial. Whether the outcome is what you hoped for or not. Risks allow you to learn on the journey. You may learn that you never want to take that risk again or you may discover that by taking that risk you learned more about yourself and what you are passionate about.

My journey with Pathways of Grace has been a risk from the start. From quitting a paying job to not knowing where the money is coming from. Inviting others to be a part of the journey through the community that has been created to each space we have been in. I am now taking another risk and will be moving Pathways of Grace in April to a new location. More details will come. I am truly grateful for each and every person who has been on this journey so far and has been willing to also risk in order to explore the connection of Community and Soul.

As we continue this theme of the Journey this month, take a look at the Risk Practice and see what you notice about freedom, passion and living from a deeper place. Feel free to share your stories of risk.




Risk Practice

• Think about the major miles stones in your life.

• List 4 or 5.

• Take out a piece of paper and draw 6 round circles across the page.

• Inside each circle list your major mile stones. You will have one or two that are blank.

• In between each circle write out the risks involved in reaching that milestone.

• Now look at the empty circles; what risk are you being invited to now? This could be a huge risk like making a move or it could be a small one like saying hello to someone new.

• Sit with how you feel about taking this risk. What would you need to do in order to take this risk? What is the motivation or passion within you about this risk?

• Take steps to move toward this risk. Or take steps to let this risk go. What do you notice?