Feeling it in the Gut

I have learned a lot by having a sensitive gut. One of my biggest learnings has been that presence is more than a one or two second thing.  It is a choice. I now choose how I want to be when I eat. I notice my breathing, how many times I chew the food, why I choose the food I do, the gift of conversation and letting go of any thoughts that are not about being in whatever I have chosen. Sound like a lot? In many ways it has been a challenge to get to this place. One thing I have noticed is how many times I would quickly eat something on the run and move on to the next thing. With this new awareness I am seeing the benefits of mindful eating and also feeling the restlessness as I want the whole process to go faster. As I am learning the nuances of digestion, I now see that if there isn’t just the right balance and time to absorb what needs to be absorbed it can wreak havoc on my whole system. 

This has been the case as I settle into my new space and a different way of being in business. After making this big transition there are a million little to do’s that claim my attention. At first there is so much taking my attention it is easy to pass over the WOW factor of making a big change. I can easily move from one thing to the next and not really digest what is happening right now. Because I don’t want to miss the WOW, I have taken a cue from what I have learned about digestion to my work. I’m taking time to breathe, to look at my choices and sit with what is. For this reason I have tabled much of my energy around creating new things and moving on to the next thing until I get settled and have time to digest what is going on. 

Do you find yourself rushing from one thing to the next only to find yourself down the road going how did I get here? This may be cue for you to slow down and digest where you are at. Feel the restlessness as you want to move forward and the joy of gratitude when you take a few moments to breath and look around. I’d love to hear what you notice! I will keep you posted on what is unfolding for me.


Here are some ways to digest the moment you are in:

  1. Spring is a time of transition, rather than anticipate the summer, consider what is it like to enjoy this day.

  2. Mindfully eat a meal. Chew slowly, take breaths, turn off your devices and just enjoy the food.

  3. Practice the thought “Life is not and emergency“ and see how that affects your perspective.

  4. Pay attention when you are having a conversation. Notice if your thoughts stay with the other person or go to your response. 

Doing simple practices like these will allow you to be present when life transitions happen. You will be well aware of what thoughts are leading you and create space to digest where you are.