From Death to Life:  Celebrating Changes – Even the Hard Ones

Spring is the time for Holy seasons that surround the theme of overcoming, endurance, death  and new life in ways not even imaginable.  As I am writing this, I am approaching an unusual birthday this year.  As many of you know my two older brothers died at the age of 57 and I am now turning 58.  This year is a year of life they never received.

When major transitions like death, loss of a job or the end of a relationship happen there is an important time to digest the grief and change.  What I am finding years after my brother’s deaths is there is also a time to celebrate life and the reality that life is one transition after the next. 

It is important in transition and growth times when it is right for you, to release the transition and embrace the new that is in front of you.  This makes sense yet how often have you found yourself carrying your time of transition with you beyond the season of grieving and growth?  Have you ever known someone whose transition became their identity and they never were able to embrace the next season of life?

Spring is a wonderful reminder to embrace the space for new seasons and claim the life that has come from death.  For me this birthday is a great reminder of the gift of life and the importance not only of seasons of grief but also to celebrate the season that follows. 

This week pay attention to the season you are in.  Are you being invited to celebrate new life in your world?  If you would like support in this process, please feel free to reach out.

  1. Find ways to celebrate the changes you have experienced.

  2. Write down some transitions you have been through. These don’t need to be big ones, it could be something small like trying a new coffee or starting a new project.

  3. Choose one or two and connect with a good friend to share about your transition and growth.

  4. Celebrate with that person by telling the story, allow them to congratulate you or support you.  Do something that will let your soul notice you paid attention.  Have a special meal, dance under the moon or light a candle.

  5. Notice what it feels like to honor that season of your life.