Does Your Business Fit You?

One discussion I have frequently with people in business is about discovering your unique way of doing business. I think this also fits for many ways in life. There are many webinars, posts and trainings on the best way to market, increase revenue or balance your life. I have participated in several and benefited from each. And yet, there was often a disconnect as I put it into practice.

It was like living in someone else’s home. These techniques worked well for them but when it came time to live it out it just didn’t feel like home for me. This is where it is easy to say that the training didn’t work. What I have found is the training was fine what I was missing is how do I live out what I learned in my own life, in my own home. That is often left out of the equation. There is a “do it this way or you are doing it wrong” attitude around learning.

What if you looked at the learning like a trip to Hawaii? It doesn’t mean you now live in Hawaii, but you can incorporate some of that Aloha attitude into your home in the desert. You can make it work in the life or business you have. Or you can come home and say that was interesting I now know that exists, but it just isn’t me. You get to choose what you do with it.

Figuring out who you are in business and life is like traveling to foreign lands. You learn a lot from your travels but ultimately you get to choose what you call home. This is why I have teamed up with Kim Evans to do some workshops, retreats and trainings to help those in business who have done some travel yet are looking for a way to make it their own. If you are interested in learning more, check out the 6 Pillars Workshop or the Recalibrate Your Inner Compass Retreat. Both are opportunities to make your business and your life work for your unique way in the world.

This week may you be building the business and life that fits you!!