Do You Have Too Many Clowns?

When I was younger a friend gave me a tiny statue of a clown holding a balloon. It was fun, whimsical, and I loved it. Then when I was out shopping, I found another clown statue and bought it. Both made me smile. Then a boyfriend saw them and bought me a clown statue for my birthday. Then someone else saw those and another clown appeared. After that I started looking for clowns when I was out shopping. And then, you guessed it, one day I had over 50 clowns.

Doesn’t this happen in our lives? We end up getting something we love for a specific reason and it multiplies to the point we wonder how did I become this clown person?? The items get absorbed into your home or put into boxes in the back of the closet. It becomes hard to get rid of them because each has a memory attached. Do you have a space like that in your home? This can also be very reflective of your life. Holding on to beliefs or identities based on one season of life and now that is who you think you.

As a Feng Shui consultant, this is a common issue. The items in your home are very reflective of how you view your life. When is an item reflective of who you are and when has it become an obligation? Sometimes these items become so familiar they aren’t even seen. That is the gift of having a new pair of eyes help you see your home in a new way. In looking at questions of who am I?, your home can hold a lot of clues. For myself, I looked at that clown collection one day and realized I’m not a collector of clowns. In fact, when I was honest with myself, I realized I am not a collector of any one thing. Well, maybe battery-operated candles, I do love those!

By looking at my home from the perspective of who am I and who am I becoming it freed me up to have the possessions that work for me and bring me delight, love and usefulness. If you would like to look at your home from the perspective of does it reflect who you are and who you are becoming, Feng Shui is a great place to start! I’d love to support you in that.

This week look at just one area of your home. Does it reflect who you are? What can you add or take away that will bring you joy and remind you of who you are?