What Did You Do This Summer?

When I was in grade school one of the first assignments was an essay on how I spent my summer. As I look back on that, my summers were filled with a full range of day camps, away camps, swimming, family vacations and enough space to get bored. My summers growing up were planned and scheduled. There was an intention around it because the usual structure of school was gone.

As an adult the same thing can happen. Our time gets planned for us based on external circumstances. If you have kids, then the time is scheduled around where they need to be and how to have them in a fun and safe space. If you work, then that schedule can dictate. Here in Arizona, it is very hot so the heat itself can dictate how you use your time.

The theme this month has been You do You. If you are feeling like here comes summer and all the externals are circling around you, I invite you to find some ways to experience summer in a way that allows you to claim yourself. Switch things up because you have chosen to. This could be something as small as sitting outside in the early morning and enjoying your breakfast, or inviting friends over for a meal, or changing the time you go to bed.

Whatever you decide to experience this summer, make sure you have something that reminds you that you have choices.

If you are looking for some experiences, please check out the groups starting in June!

There is something for the creative side of life, great summer reads that will have you thinking, a business retreat that give the space to recalibrate, a chance to engage your thoughts about money in a new way, and a Soul Centered Mastermind group to give you support as You do You.