You Do You

I am going through physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff.  My arm over the months has decided to protect the injury by stiffening up.  Getting my arm to stretch again has been a very insightful (and painful) process.  I am experiencing a push/pull in my arm and in my head around “oh, no my arm doesn’t do that,” “oh, my arm can do this.”  Do I trust that I can do more than I think I can and where is the line of too much?  As I’m stretching myself physically, I’m thinking of all the other areas of my life where I have limited who I think I am.  Areas I can quickly say “oh I can’t do that.” 

What is the driver that says this is me?  How does that get defined?  There are many layers to the answer of that question yet ultimately it comes down to what I believe at my core.  Who I am is who I believe I am.  This has me thinking that it is very important to keep stretching that belief the way I am stretching my arm.  Trusting with the help of others that I’ll know what is a growing stretch, what is too far for today, and where I can claim I don’t want to go farther.

There is no judgement on where you decide who you are.  The important part is putting yourself in places where you have the opportunity to question who you are from time to time.  As with all of life, you change as time goes on.  This is easy to see when thinking about who you were as a child and who you are now.  Yet as an adult you can get stuck in one place without really noticing.  Then comes the feeling that you are a stagnant person who cannot change.

 Knowing who you are means challenging who you think you are from time to time.  The next time you hear yourself saying “that’s not me” take a pause and ask yourself who is the me you are talking about.  Again, there is no right or wrong; it’s more about the willingness to stretch beyond the places you are comfortable with.

 This week, may you be fully you by being willing to stretch beyond.