Who is Your Tour Guide?

When you are in a new surrounding your awareness is heightened. When you stay in a new place you notice everything. Ever have a visitor come stay with you and they see things about your city that you may never have noticed before? When everything is new your brain is on alert trying to categorize things and make sure you are safe. Once you get used to your surroundings then your brain can shut out large chunks and focus on other things.

This happened to me many years ago when a friend came to my home. They were there to help me get organized. One of the things they brought to my attention was I didn’t see how much stuff I just left on the floor. I saw the flow and the objects I loved but for the life of me I could not see that my floor had things that needed to be thrown away or put away. I had become blind to it all over time.

This leads to a truth about awareness. Sometimes you need someone else to help you become aware because you have become blind to certain parts of your life. This is part of what I see is my practice as I meet with others. I don’t reveal any truths that weren’t there before. I just get to create the space for each person to see their lives and spaces in a fresh way. The most common response I get is “I knew that! Why couldn’t I see that?” Because we all get familiar with our lives and filter so much out. There is a need for someone else to come in with fresh eyes to see what we may have looked over.

If you are feeling like awareness is a challenge I highly recommend that you find a safe person to come and look at your life with fresh eyes. I have seen that there is such a connection between our inner lives and outer surroundings that I’m creating a new package that combines the two: “Living From the Inside/Out”. This will include 3 months of spiritual direction or Soul Centered Coaching plus a Feng Shui consult of your home or business. Because this is new and you are part of the community, if this sounds like a good way for you to become more aware in your life, I’m offering a 15% discount through the month of June. Just enter the code AWARE when you check out.

This week may you be open to the eyesight of another to make you more aware.


Feng Shui Awareness

Here are two simple Feng Shui practices to help you become more aware in your home or office.

  1.  Walk up to your space as if you had never been there before. What do you notice? Is the walkway clean? Is it clear where your entrance is? Is it inviting and welcoming? Clean up and spruce up your entrance. Look at your door mat, is it proportioned correctly for the size of the door? Is it old and ratty? After you take care of your entrance make sure to use that door once a day. Notice what you are welcome into your life when your entrance way is welcoming.

  2. Pick one room of your home and sit someplace you do not regularly sit. This could be eating at a different chair at the table or standing in an area of the room you do not normally stand. Grab a step ladder and look down on the room or lay on the floor and look up. When you see the room from this new perspective, what brings you joy? What if anything causes concern? What does this new perspective invite you to notice or change?