Why does awareness matter at work?

Why does awareness matter at work? Seems like a silly question yet even though we think we are aware, we really aren’t. This is especially important when it comes to interacting with others. We think we know how we are perceived yet in reality how can we?

Self-awareness in the workplace is a discipline worth developing. The challenge is you cannot do it yourself, you need other people. The reason for self-awareness is not so you can become what others want you to be, but so that you can be effective in who you are meant to be. By becoming more self-aware you will begin so see how you react to the circumstances around you. You may not be able to control everything around you yet by becoming self-aware you can control how you react to them. Self-awareness also saves time and energy. It allows you to let go of what doesn’t work, delegate, and ask for help. It also helps you to be more empathetic to others. When you understand yourself better, you actually begin to see others differently and know they are dealing with internal issues also. This will allow you to work with the circumstances around you in order to reach a beneficial goal for everyone.

Inner awareness has a huge impact on the world around you. You can read books, see a spiritual director or a coach, but if you don’t take what you learn and practice it in all areas of your life, you may be missing the opportunity to be the amazing person you are and to see the wonder in those around you.

May you have the awareness to make a difference in another’s life this week.


This Week’s Practice:

  • Meditate - Have some uninterrupted quiet time to let go of the doing mind and rest in being. This will reveal a lot of what you are holding on to. You can also meditate during mundane tasks. This could be doing the dishes or cleaning off your desk. Be present to what you are doing. Ask yourself what would you like to notice in this moment. Remember life is bigger than the task you are doing.

  • Ask Around - Ask a few people who work with you daily or regularly some pointed questions about yourself. Do you listen well? How did you handle the latest project? Are you a good communicator? Let them submit anonymously if you wish. Go over the answers with a trusted friend. What, if anything, do you need to be aware of as you move forward?

  • Write Out Your Priorities - Take some time to write out what is important to you. Review it daily. Did you show up in your day the way you would like to? Make adjustments as you see fit.