Living With a Midnight Sun

Many of you know I love to walk in the early morning. Now that we have reached June my walk is greeted with sunlight. This changes the whole feel of the walk. In the winter I am bundled up and Miss Grace (my Boston Terrier) is walking very fast because she is cold. My thoughts tend to be more inward because my surroundings are all in the dark. I am also much more sensitive to noises and jumpy because I cannot see what is lurking in the dark. Now that the temps are rising and the sun is coming up, Grace is happy to take her time and would like a lot of sniff breaks. My mind wanders off of self-reflection as I see the wildlife and watch dawn greet the day. I am also more relaxed as I can see my surroundings.

This month’s theme is awareness. We are approaching the longest day of the year and symbolically that is a wonderful time to shine light on your life. To let everything you think, dream, hope, fear and avoid come into the Light. When I lived in Fairbanks the longest day gave us daylight just about all day. We would say we live in the land of the midnight sun. Taking time to be more aware allows us to also live in a way where we know what we can rely on even if the time feels dark. In a sense we live in a spiritual land of the midnight sun.

One way to heighten your awareness is by realizing that your spiritual life goes through the rhythms throughout the day. We can set an intention in the quiet of the morning yet by midday with all the activity it can slip away. Or the thoughts that keep you up in the dark of night may not be as powerful by the afternoon of the next day. Staying aware of where you are in the midst of the movement of the day and not letting one part of the day have control over everything else can be a challenge.

Below I have a simplified version of praying your day or awareness of the day. Try it this week and see what changes for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on awareness please feel free to share.



Practice: The Power of Pause

Becoming aware at certain times of the day is a great way to heighten your awareness!

Early morning – The day is fresh and full of possibilities.

  • What thoughts from the night are with you as you wake?

  • What would you like to be aware of today? This could be receiving, giving, being loving, connections etc.

  • You can also take any worries or fears from the night and use them. If you are worried there isn’t enough time, then be aware of time. Was there enough? Why or why not?

Midday – This is when the light is at its fullest. 

  • How are you doing with your intentions?

  • How easy is it to stop in the middle of the day and reflect?

  • This is a time to recommit or readjust. What has surprised you?

Midafternoon – The day is getting closer to the end. 

  • What do you need to be aware of as you close out this day?

  • Can you let go of work or activity?

  • How do you wind down? Is there resistance?

Evening – The day is done and it’s time to rest.

  • What do you need to set aside so you can rest?

  • Are you aware of anything you would like to do before going to bed?

  • What were you grateful for today?

  • What did you notice about your intention?