Summer Scavenger Hunt

In Arizona, summers are our winters. We are inside our homes and work spaces much more. This means it a great time to look at your home or work in a new way. I use the Summer season to clean out drawers, rearrange furniture or switch whole rooms. Sometimes you know something feels off yet it’s hard to see your home in a new light, so I would like to introduce you to the five elements in Feng Shui and challenge you to a scavenger hunt in your own space.

This is a VERY BRIEF introduction, yet it is enough to get you going with your scavenger hunt. Here are the five elements and some things that are associated with them.


The Colors are green and blue.

The Elements are plants, flowers and wood.

The Shapes are pillars or columns (think shapes like a tree trunk) and it is associated with Spring.


The Colors are reds.

The Elements are lighting, candles, fireplace, sunlight, animals and leather.

The Shapes are triangles, pyramids, and cones (think fire/flames) and the season is Summer.


The Colors are yellows and earth tones.

The Elements are soil, ceramics, tile, brick and stucco.

The Shapes are squares, plateaus, rectangles (think grounding). There is no season for this; Earth is your center.


The Colors are white and pastels.

The Elements are rocks and stones and metals.

The Shapes are an arch, circle or oval, and the season is Autumn.


The Colors are black and dark colors.

The Elements are water features, glass, crystals and mirrors.

The Shapes are asymmetrical (think flowing water) and the season is Winter.

Now for the hunt – Go through a room and hunt for these elements in your room.  If at the office, you can look at your desk or your office.  How many of each of these can your find?  What do you notice about where these items are placed? Do you have a lot of fire elements in one corner? 

Now if you would like to continue the game, try bringing in some other elements that may not be in the room. Say you love the color red and your whole living room is red; try bringing in just a little of some of the other elements. This could be as simple as a blue ceramic pot with a plant in it and a metal ornamental stake in the pot. See what you notice.

This is a fun way to spend your time indoors. Now if you would like to go a step further feel free to contact me or another certified Feng Shui practitioner, or get a book on Feng Shui and look at more ways to bring balance and intention to your space.

Have fun and let me know what you discover!! Happy hunting!