Will you play with me?

Will you play with me?  That has been a question I have been hearing all week as my daughter and granddaughter have been staying at my home for a few days.  As I have been reflecting on play this past month of course the question really got my attention. 

It was surprising how many times my thoughts went to “no, I will not play with you.”  Living alone and then having others in my home broke up my well established routines.  My habits and my mind’s priorities were the first reactions to kick in.  I kept hearing that wonderful voice in my head saying:

  • I NEED to get this work done, or

  • I NEED to take care of some task.

  • 4 year old games just don’t GO anywhere.

  • I had other plans for the day. Going out to lunch was not on my agenda.

When I noticed this my reactions was, WOW Amanda, you love having them here and this is a treat to spend this much time with them. You are really struggling with letting go of your agenda.  Truly the whole “Will you play with me?” question triggered my need for control and productivity and it was a false belief. 

I decided to practice letting Love guide.  I love my family, and I love my work; they are not mutually exclusive.  I found creative ways to do both and to let go of MY agenda for Love’s agenda.  This freed up time for games and cuddles, painting and dolls, impromptu lunches and movies and lots of playful laughter.  It also gave me focused work time, good use of my calendar and new creative energy to my work.

Today was their last day staying here and I have found that by making play a practice it is now a part of the flow and no longer an interruption or something I need to carve time out for.  It is a means to let Love lead.

What is your relationship with play?  Where is the Divine asking you the questions “will you play with me?”  I invite you to listen for that voice this week.  Let me know what you hear!!