Does your work need a grandma?

I recently saw a video about what it means to be a grandparent and to have a grandparent (see below).  I loved it because that is the way I am as a grandparent and I’m enjoying the fun that comes with it.  This got me thinking that sometimes my business could use a grandparent.

I get so serious about what I create and how I hope to serve others that it can get pretty serious in my office.  Having the relief of that grandparent playful energy come by and remind me that as important as all the to do’s on my list are occasionally a break is needed to play.  To spend some time saying Rules don’t apply at Grandma’s house.

The importance of this is by taking this play time I am relieving stress, increasing my creativity, problem solving and supporting my well being.  Play allows me to challenge my brain in new ways, foster empathy and deepen my sense of trust in the Divine, others and myself. 

There is a George Bernard Shaw quote I love, “We don’t stop playing because we are old: we grow old because we stop playing.”  This is true for our work life also.  Our business can grow old, stuck and stale if time is not taken for some play. 

How do you introduce some play into your work life?  Let me know!  Let’s share ideas.  One of my business support groups have built play into our gatherings.  We take time every so often to have a play day.  I love it and I am grateful for this group.

As we get further into summer it’s a great time have an overnight with a grandparent and find some time where the doing of your business get set aside for some fun and play!

Here is the Grandma video – sorry about the ad.

Have fun playing!!