Do you know how to ponder?

When I brought up the word ponder last week there were some for whom this was a new word. Pondering is reflecting on something. You could use words like consider, meditate, ruminate etc., but they miss the mark a bit. Pondering takes thinking about something to another level. Pondering is where the head and heart meet.

Here is how pondering may show up in your life; Life is going along fine and then one day you see someone on the side of the road with a sign asking for help. You drive on and you can’t get them out of your mind. Your mind goes to work and starts thinking about things like, why they were there, the whole issue with people needing help, you may feel disgusted by it or you may be moved by it. Now this person is in your mind.

The next day the thoughts continue. In your quiet moments this person keeps popping up and with that comes the questions. Do you give money to people asking for help? What would help really be? You notice you have uncomfortable feelings about people standing on the street asking for money. It disturbs you. Then you enter into pondering. You take these thoughts and feelings and let them swirl in your soul. Pondering isn’t so much about coming to a conclusion or even an action as living in the questions along with the feeling and allowing them to impact your connection with the world.

Pondering someone standing at the side of the road may cause you to give when you see someone, it may cause you to effect change through politics or it may just cause you to feel something you have not felt before. The movement of pondering is about awareness. The outcome of pondering is up to your unique journey.

Practicing pondering is a deeply spiritual act. It invites you into a place of mystery and being. It opens you up to worlds you may not have explored before. Pondering is personal and can be a beautiful companion. If you want your world to expand in amazing ways, I suggest you take up the practice of pondering.



Practice Pondering

Here are some tips for those beginning to ponder.

  • Pick a topic that has been on your mind. It could be a family member, an issue you are dealing with or the beauty of a flower.

  • Sometimes it’s actually helpful to be doing something else. Something that is easy on the brain, gardening, doing a puzzle, coloring in a coloring book, etc. I find taking a walk is a great time to ponder. Make sure you will not be interrupted.

  • Let your thoughts go. Don’t try to control them. It’s like examining a rock and letting the rock be the rock. Look at all the sides. Pondering is a leisurely practice.

  • Ask what you are feeling and ponder that. Be curious about your feelings.

  • Does what you are pondering impact your life? How can it make you more aware of what is happening around you?

  • Take time to write about what you noticed. Or you may want to have a symbol around you that reminds you of what you have pondered.

  • Feel free to continue pondering the same subject as long as it feels right.

On Facebook this week we will have some words and images to ponder. Feel free to join in with your thoughts!!