Are you reluctant to promote yourself?

I was part of two great conversations yesterday about reluctance around self promotion, letting people know how amazing your program or services are along with sharing with others something you want to celebrate about yourself. I know I have fallen into that place many times in my life. I can talk about someone else’s gifts and offerings but when it comes to sharing how what I do makes an impact on others I just shut down.

Let’s ponder this a bit. Does this describe you? Whether you are in business or not, do you have a reluctance to let your light shine? Do you light up when talking about someone else’s light? As I let this really sink into my soul and allow it to sit there for a while here is what shows up for me.

Not sharing my gifts begins with a false sense of groundedness. When I am grounded and know who I am (the beauty and the beast) I find I can share how I give back to Life through my services and being. In fact, I celebrate it because I know the ultimate source of what I share is my relationship with Spirit. Why wouldn’t I celebrate that I cocreate with God in some amazing ways? When I sit with a client it is as though I am sitting at the feet of the Divine and I get to watch what happens on that sacred ground. From a grounded place, sharing about myself or someone else is like saying “We are standing on holy ground and you belong here too.” It also releases the concern of whether they get it or not. The gift is in the sharing, the awareness.

Knowing you are always standing on holy ground shifts the focus off of the idea that this is about you, to WOW! Come stand with me! I think this is the true meaning of being humble (which comes from the root humus meaning earth or grounded). If your grounding is in what others think of you or in fear of being rejected or missing out then that will affect how you share or don’t share who you are and how you show up in the world. Then it is easy to shut down and not shine. Or the sharing does focus on you in a way that does not uplift others or yourself.

So the next time you want to brush off a compliment or are in a situation where someone would benefit from the way you give in the world and you want to take a step back. Ponder what ground are you standing on. I have found it is still a challenge to step on that holy ground and speak up yet because I know where I am standing I receive what I need from that grounding and do not feed the fear.

The world is in deep need for your light to shine. Spend some time pondering where you are standing.



Practice - Pondering Holy Ground

The next time you are in a situation where you are getting the internal nudge to share your gifts and feeling unsure try these steps. It’s good to begin with people you know and feel safe with. You can also practice looking in the mirror on your own.

  • Take a deep breath

  • Focus on your feet. Feel them connected to the earth.

  • Imagine the energy of the earth coming up to meet you. You are on holy ground.

  • Feel the fear or the reluctance and remember the benefit of shining your light in a world that needs your light.

  • Sense the light in your heart wanting to come forward.

  • Allow the energy of the holy ground to support and sustain you.

  • You are part of something bigger than yourself.

  • Allow the gift to come forward and share. Know you are really sharing a light in the world.

  • Return to focusing on your feet grounded.

  • You did it! Now let it go and allow the light to flow where it will.