Come ponder with me

I am sitting here looking for inspiration for this week’s noticing after a weekend with two mass shootings.  There are many more eloquent than me writing amazing things about change, hope, pain, injustice and love.  All I’m wondering about is you.  How are you?  What does the reality of violence, unpredictability, deep love and kindness do to you? 

This is a time to stop and ponder. 

What is stirring in you as you witness the reality of the world we live in?  Events like violence and deep love are stirring events. They are life changing events.  The world as we know it is no longer the same. 

What are you doing in response to the reality of the world we live in?  Your reaction could be to go and protest.  Get involved in becoming a change agent.  You could become angry and bitter and look for someone, something to blame and be mad about. This could trigger overwhelm, grief or PTSD.  You may want to shut the world out.  Or this could cause you to expand your heart.  You may want to invite the world in.

Once you ponder what is stirring and how you are responding then you are able to ask yourself how Spirit/God/Love is with you in this.  Invite Love into the messiness of your understanding of life.  Allow that presence to be with you as you stand in your way of dealing with the reality of this life. Then you can engage your stirring and response from a place of awareness.  It may or may not influence what is stirring or how you respond yet it will bring you back to yourself.

This is a world where pondering isn’t cultivated.  At your fingertips is access to respond instantly and in the moment with what you feel and believe without taking the time to ponder for yourself why you feel this way.  You may have even been on the receiving end of someone who acted before they had a chance to ponder.  I know there have been times I have been on the giving end of being someone who acts before they have pondered. 

This space to pause is a learned space.  In light of the reality of horrible tragedies and amazing beauty of life this month is dedicated to pondering.  If you need a safe place to do you pondering feel reach to out.

This week may you find ways to bring Love and others into whatever is happening for you.