Fall is in the air


Fall is in the air (even if the temps don’t show it). As I was walking outside the other morning, that reality hit me. There is a feeling of Fall in the air, yet the heat of summer is still a reality. This can create some dissatisfaction because you can feel that Fall, shorter days, etc., are happening, yet you are living with the reality that the temperature is still high and Summer isn’t done with us yet. This can heighten the frustration with life not being what you want it to be. It’s as if life isn’t behaving well. Isn’t that the way life goes? In the Soul Centered Mastermind groups we discuss creating new behaviors and awareness and the reality that they do not materialize overnight. You have to live the Summer/Fall state for a while and let it unfold. This can be very challenging at times. How do you get through it without giving up and saying that change can’t happen or sabotaging the whole effort?


There is a lot to that word but for this moment let’s sit with being aware. If you know you are in a Summer/Fall state and are aware of it you can deal with it better. It is like watching a child who is cranky and wishing they weren’t. Then you realize they haven’t had a nap, ate sugar all day and their routine was broken. Because of that awareness you can adjust your interactions with the child. You can do the same with yourself. Once you are aware that you are in a Summer/Fall state you can take a deep breath and keep doing the small things that will keep you on track and being grateful for the moment you are in.

This week I have a tool to help heighten awareness. Feel free to share your results on our Facebook page or reply below. The reality is we are constantly in a Summer/Fall state and the question is “Will this motivate you to keep focused on the gift of the moment or will it cause you to move into a story of not enough?”

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May your week be filled the gift of change!


Awareness Practice

This is a five day practice to heighten awareness.

·      Print out the leaf image below.

·      Each Leaf represents one day.

·      You can do this throughout the day, in the morning or in the evening.

·      Write down 3 ways you stayed present to a new habit, emotion or behavior.

·      You are free to write more if you wish.

·      After 5 days what are you becoming aware of?  Are you more focused on not enough or being present? 

·      What are you being invited to do with this awareness?