Do you hear the drums beating?

September has arrived! With the turn of the calendar comes a whole new rhythm in my life. New programs begin, events that were on hold for the summer start up again and if you have people living with you multiply this by how ever many are in your house. 

In the past I would just plow ahead and just jump into the new schedules and disregard how I felt physically and emotionally about all the changes. If you are like me, by the time you get through the Holidays you wonder why you are so exhausted. 

Different seasons have different rhythms and tell different stories. What I enjoy about some other cultures that I find missing in my own is the honoring of rhythm and storytelling. This has me thinking about what story are the rhythms of my life saying about me. Am I moving deliberately and with intention to the differing rhythms of my life, or am I just trying to keep up to someone else’s beat? 

In the summer the rhythm slows down for me. I can either ignore that and move the beat of productivity and shoulds or I can shift my pace with it and tell the story of a more reflective life.  I can use the slower work pace to read, reflect, declutter and rest. Telling the story of trust, self-care and passion. As things pick up in the Fall, I can again choose to move to the beat of someone else’s expectations or move to the story of abundance, community and passion.  

As the seasons shift, and schedules with them, are you moving to someone else’s rhythm or are you telling the story of your life through the rhythms you dance to? I’ve added a video of some dancers telling a story through rhythm and voice. It has points of slow movement, a faster pace and times where not everyone is moving in exactly the same rhythm. Feel the power of people telling a story in community honoring the rhythm of life. Imagine your life reflected in rhythm; what kind of dance would that be?

As you enter into September, what beat are you moving to and what story is it telling?