Different stages of Awareness

This month we’ve been talking about awareness and how the shift of seasons kind of puts us in different stages of awareness and how, often times, feeling uncomfortable or out of sorts is actually an invitation to a different type of awareness.

In this month’s video, I want to share with you my own story of how I was able to tune in to my needs and be more comfortable in my own home. Your home is a fun place to play with awareness, and I love working with people around Feng Shui and finding the right rhythm.

Think about your life. Is there some place that feels just not quite right? Is there something that you tend to avoid? Think about those areas as invitations to awareness. Think about doing life differently and move in that direction and see what you notice. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are or your stories of how you have arranged your life to more fully suit you.

In the meantime, continue that awareness!