What's in your junk drawer?

Do you have a junk drawer? That place where all the little stuff goes that you aren’t quite sure about but know you need? You clean it out and then a few weeks or months later you can barely close it or you are frantically sifting through it because that is the place where that screwdriver that fixes your glasses is supposed to be?

I have one of those too. Stray baggy ties, pet medicines, hand lotion and the coupon I just might use that is now expired. This is the place for the miscellaneous stuff that just doesn’t quite fit anywhere else or that I’m too lazy to think about, so I shove it in a drawer and think I’ll get to it later.

I recently spent some time cleaning my junk drawer out and you know what? Most of it was just that. Junk. I decided to Feng Shui my junk drawer and ask questions as I cleaned.

  •  Do I love it? Does it make me happy?

  • Am I holding on to this out of fear?

  • Why am I too busy to deal with parts of my life? 

  • Why is it ok to just shove something in a drawer and forget about it?

  • Why am I calling this a junk drawer?

These questions tie into our spiritual lives also! Think about the thoughts and beliefs that you have just thrown into your mental junk drawer. Over time you begin to wonder why your thoughts are so jumbled and junky. For instance, you are having a great conversation with a friend and then your thoughts go to “oh, they have a perfect life” and you just throw it into a mental junk drawer. Then later in the day you see two coworkers laughing and talking and you think “oh I don’t have any friends here” and you throw it in that same drawer. You get the picture; little thoughts that don’t hold much weight on their own. Just passing thoughts now, but in time they build up and the drawer is overflowing. All of the sudden you’re feeling stuck, depressed and not enough. 

Paying attention to your thoughts is a great way to clean out your mental junk drawer. Ask yourself the same questions I asked above about my physical drawer. If you find yourself feeling out of sorts and don’t know why it may be time to clean out your mental junk drawer. What thoughts have you been habitually keeping stored away without awareness?

One thing I did this time as I cleaned out my physical junk drawer was rename it. I find one of the helpful pieces to Feng Shui is it allows you rename areas of your home and in so doing you are claiming your life in a deeper way. So my junk drawer is now my drawer of amazement. I have the things that allow me to be amazed at my ability to have what I need at my fingertips. I only put in things that will generate a feeling of amazement. That includes things like baggy ties that allow me to be amazed my MacGyver skills, to fairy stones that I can scatter outside to amaze my granddaughter, to Grace’s meds that allow me to be amazed at how well my 12 year old dog is doing. This also helps me to not just shove anything in there.

This works for thoughts too. By becoming aware of your thoughts you can choose to store them or say you know that doesn’t belong here. This week clean out and rename your junk drawer.  As you are doing it think about the thoughts you keep and take some time to talk with someone or journal about your mental drawer and rename that too.  I’d love to hear what you discover!! (and your new names).



If you need support clearing out that mental drawer…