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Living from the Inside

We hear the encouragement "live from the inside, the center." Yes, it sounds wonderful, and even resonates with my Being, but in the reality of life living from the center can get lost in translation. With this in mind I actually had the experience of seeing centered-living happen right before my eyes in a most unlikely event. 

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Waking Up Is Hard To Do

Have you ever heard the lyrics “breaking up is hard to do?” Well, there are many days I would counter those lyrics with “waking up is hard to do.” To stay present to myself, to those around me and the events of the moment requires a myriad of skills and tools that, frankly, I’m still learning and often forget to practice in the moment. And, while volumes of material have been written on the many waking devices available to us, I would like to explore three with you today; self-compassion, a daily practice, and community.

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