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July “Scent” of the Month - Orange (Sweet), Citrus sinensis

July “Scent” of the Month
Orange (Sweet), Citrus sinensis
By Michelle Jereb.

Okay, I am going to be honest.  July in Arizona is “joyless”.  July is just the beginning of our very loooooooooong HOT summers that extend until November.  Yup – that is not a typo.  I meant November.  It takes that long for the sizzling desert to cool down again.  “Reversed” seasonal depression can occur here.  We don’t have seasonal depression in the winter because our winters are when we come OUT from hiding in our air-conditioned homes and out into the open again.  Ah………. I am dreaming of November…. But in the meantime how can aromatherapy help to turn Joyless July into Joyful July?  Sweet Orange to the rescue!

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May "Scent" of the Month - Geranium, Pelargonium x asperum

May “Scent” of the Month

Geranium, Pelargonium x asperum

By:  Michelle Jereb


What?  It is MAY already!  How did that happen?  I completely blew through April.  The Tea Tree essential oil worked so well in March for my Spring de-cluttering, I think I tossed out April and with that I didn’t write a “Scent of the Month” article.  So here we are in May :).  

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Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

by Michelle Jereb

For months, and I mean months, I have driven by the same construction site.  First I watched them demolish a very large structure --- that took a while, but nothing compared to the length of time it was taken to build the foundation.  Dirt, Dirt, Dirt.  How much can you do with dirt?  Move it around, pack it, stack it, grade it, water it.  I was feeling for those doing this construction work.  They had to be so bored.  I know I have been bored watching nothing but that DIRT.  I mean, come on…showing up every day to dirt moving, dirt packing, dirt stacking, dirt watering.  Not only is it boring, it’s “dirty”, dusty and messy.  To further add to my boredom and I will call it impatience, there was no sign anywhere letting the public (me) know what was being built.

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Donut Tires and Unexpected Blessings

 by Michelle Jereb

            I recently had the dreaded flat tire….ugh.  I was driving home from a lovely day with a friend, when I realized my car was acting strangely.  I had the good sense to get OFF the freeway and investigate the strange behavior.  Yup… flat tire.  I was blessed to be in a safe place.  I called my husband and AAA and alerted them to my problem.  Both arrived to help me.  The flat tire was removed and replaced with the “donut” tire.  It was late on a Saturday evening.  Discount tire was closed for the day.  This meant I was NOT going to get my tired fixed or replaced.  It DID mean I was going to have to drive 30 miles home on the donut tire.

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