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What is your vitamin regime?

When was the last time you mentioned something like heart burn or trouble sleeping and the group around you all lists off vitamins or supplements that could help you? As a society we have a wealth of education and opportunity to take care of our bodies and we are learning new things every day. How many supplements are in your cupboard? Do you have one you swear by to help with something?

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Who Are You Now?

I have had a wonderfully surprising week.  Pathways of Grace is going through a time of evaluating how best to use the space and what looking at what is needed to allow everyone to listen deeply to their lives.  When we teach Deep Listening we always begin with asking everyone to listen to their own lives first.  We truly can’t hear another without first listening to ourselves.

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Ever have an uninspired moment?

This has been a wonderful week at Pathways of Grace. Wonderful people, healing, learning and connecting. It was especially nice to watch the new connections being formed! The week ended with the Continuing the Spiritual Direction Journey 2-Day workshop and Emma Garcia's Art Show (check out her class, Your Soul's Palette, on March 23rd). All that to say I find myself happily tired this morning with not one ounce of inspiration for this page.

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