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Feeling it in the Gut

I have learned a lot by having a sensitive gut.  One of my biggest learnings has been that presence is more than a one or two second thing.  It is a choice.  I now choose how I want to be when I eat.  I notice my breathing, how many times I chew the food, why I choose the food I do, the gift of conversation and letting go of any thoughts that are not about being in whatever I have chosen.

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Who is Driving Your Bus? Part 2

Buses feel like passive modes of transportation. You get on, someone takes to the next destination. Yet there is a lot that happens on the bus. One agrees to riding with other people. There are unspoken and spoken rules about who can sit where, when to give up one's seat, making eye contact or a conversation with a stranger. I have to say that in my years of being a bus rider 98% of the time everyone was pleasant and gracious to one another. Even if a word was never spoken.

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