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Feeling it in the Gut

I have learned a lot by having a sensitive gut.  One of my biggest learnings has been that presence is more than a one or two second thing.  It is a choice.  I now choose how I want to be when I eat.  I notice my breathing, how many times I chew the food, why I choose the food I do, the gift of conversation and letting go of any thoughts that are not about being in whatever I have chosen.  Sound like a lot?  In many ways it has been a challenge to get to this place.  One thing I have noticed is how many times I would quickly eat something on the run and move on to the next thing. With this new awareness I am seeing the benefits of mindful eating and also feeling the restlessness as I want the whole process to go faster.  As I am learning the nuances of digestion, I now see that if there isn’t just the right balance and time to absorb what needs to be absorbed it can wreak havoc on my whole system. 

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