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Are You Full? or Abundant?

My post-Thanksgiving question this year is “Are you full or abundant?” Please bear with me as this is still a percolating thought. I think there is a difference. I use the term “Full” instead of “Busy” when describing a day. When there is more on my list that can be done in a day and I’m asked how my day was, I say “Full.” “Full” means more than enough, and often more than I can do or digest in a certain time period. This brings me to Thanksgiving when I slowly pull back from the table and groan “Oh I’m soooo full.” There was more on my plate than could be eaten.

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Celebrate Gratitude

Gratitude is a daily practice and it is also wonderful to have a time of year to CELEBRATE gratitude in the company of others.  I know that sometimes Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with those who are loved and bring joy.  There are other Thanksgivings where the gathering feels obligatory and painful.  Most of the time it is a mix of both.  No matter the circumstances, the practice of gratitude continues. Gratitude is celebrated or used as a practice to be in places that are painful as an anchor of one’s Truth.

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