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You Do You

I am going through physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff.  My arm over the months has decided to protect the injury by stiffening up.  Getting my arm to stretch again has been a very insightful (and painful) process.  I am experiencing a push/pull in my arm and in my head around “oh, no my arm doesn’t do that,” “oh, my arm can do this.”  Do I trust that I can do more than I think I can and where is the line of too much?  As I’m stretching myself physically, I’m thinking of all the other areas of my life where I have limited who I think I am.  Areas I can quickly say “oh I can’t do that.” 

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I Don't Do That!

Have you ever said “that’s not my thing” or “I just don’t do that” ? This can be a stumbling block for many who are in transition or who want to grow. Everything is going along, you're learning new skills, being stretched and challenged, and it’s all good. That is part of growth. Then comes something that you aren't familiar with and the invitation is, “NOW DO THIS.”

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Are You Full? or Abundant?

My post-Thanksgiving question this year is “Are you full or abundant?” Please bear with me as this is still a percolating thought. I think there is a difference. I use the term “Full” instead of “Busy” when describing a day. When there is more on my list that can be done in a day and I’m asked how my day was, I say “Full.” “Full” means more than enough, and often more than I can do or digest in a certain time period. This brings me to Thanksgiving when I slowly pull back from the table and groan “Oh I’m soooo full.” There was more on my plate than could be eaten.

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But It's Scary.

by Amanda Petersen
Growth is scary. At least most of the time. There is a desire to grow and a desire to have growth feel good and be natural. I just want to say if the process is still in one’s comfort zone it isn’t really growth. That might be classified with stretching.  Growth means going beyond the comfort zone. Stretching is coming up to the edges and getting a feel for what growth my look like.

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