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Heretics Wanted

When I was first starting out I would have groups meet at my 750 square foot home.  We would sit sometimes knee to knee and share things about our faith journey that we would not tell anyone else for fear of rejection.  Over time my little place was deemed the “the hermitage of heretics.”  It was a safe place for people not only to explore who they were in their faith and beliefs but also practice what it was like to express those beliefs and then go and live them out.

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Advent: Living in the Dark

The beginning of Advent is a time to stop and make a choice of how to enter this Holy season.  Many Faith Traditions honor this time of year when the days are short and the calendar page is ready to begin again. The darkest time of the year is an invitation to celebrate and acknowledge the Presence of God in several forms. As a contemplative, the invitation is to dwell in the dark and unknown, the not yet and find new images of God. It’s a call to dwell in the reality of darkness. Darkness has a way of surrounding and causing a sense of coming within. It slows life down and is the invitation to rest.

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I want to share some thoughts that were shared with me during a breakfast with my friend Jeannette. Ever feel that pull, like you are being deprived? That the outside world is dictating your life? As contemplatives, a good question to ask is “is that true?” Here are Jeannette’s thoughts. -Amanda

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Seasoning Space

Ever eat a great soup or chili and just pause at how wonderful it was and then think “what is that taste?” There is some herb or flavor in there that is just a bit different but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Or have you ever tasted a meal and could taste the love and attention that was put into it? (By the way that is our Affiliate Carmella’s specialty, check out the programs she is catering)

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We're Expanding

by Amanda Petersen

I am writing this at sunrise, sitting in a rocking chair on a porch in the woods listening to the birds waking up and the fish jumping in the river. I have to smile at the thought that by writing this here I am feeling all of you with me (and that is a good thing!). This is also my vacation time so I am going to make this very short and simple.

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