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Fall is in the air

Fall is in the air (even if the temps don’t show it).  As I was walking outside the other morning, that reality hit me. There is a feeling of Fall in the air, yet the heat of summer is still a reality. This can create some dissatisfaction because you can feel that Fall, shorter days, etc., are happening, yet you are living with the reality that the temperature is still high and Summer isn’t done with us yet.

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Are you reluctant to promote yourself?

I was part of two great conversations yesterday about reluctance around self promotion, letting people know how amazing your program or services are along with sharing with others something you want to celebrate about yourself. I know I have fallen into that place many times in my life. I can talk about someone else’s gifts and offerings but when it comes to sharing how what I do makes an impact on others I just shut down.

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Playing with words

This week I’m trying another video. Our theme this month is all about “Play” and so I’d like us to consider what happens when we play with words. For example, what other words do you think of, or what feelings do you have when you hear the words, “Summers in Arizona”?

Let’s play with those words and expectations!

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I love watching my granddaughter play in the splash pool in my back yard.  One time she had her doll and wanted it to have a boat.  She must have tried 7 different things before she found something that worked.  Each time she had a story attached to what was happening and she was just delighted.  Last night her mom gave her an inner tube that was just a bit bigger than she was and said if you lay on top of it you will find it relaxing.  Well that started an entire series of the tube flipping and all of us laughing as she figured out how to balance on that tube.  Once she did, she felt amazing and confident.

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Does Your Business Fit You?

One discussion I have frequently with people in business is about discovering your unique way of doing business. I think this also fits for many ways in life. There are many webinars, posts and trainings on the best way to market, increase revenue or balance your life. I have participated in several and benefited from each. And yet, there was often a disconnect as I put it into practice.

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You Do You

I am going through physical therapy for a torn rotator cuff.  My arm over the months has decided to protect the injury by stiffening up.  Getting my arm to stretch again has been a very insightful (and painful) process.  I am experiencing a push/pull in my arm and in my head around “oh, no my arm doesn’t do that,” “oh, my arm can do this.”  Do I trust that I can do more than I think I can and where is the line of too much?  As I’m stretching myself physically, I’m thinking of all the other areas of my life where I have limited who I think I am.  Areas I can quickly say “oh I can’t do that.” 

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From Death to Life:  Celebrating Changes – Even the Hard Ones

Spring is the time for Holy seasons that surround the theme of overcoming, endurance, death  and new life in ways not even imaginable.  As I am writing this, I am approaching an unusual birthday this year.  As many of you know my two older brothers died at the age of 57 and I am now turning 58. This year is a year of life they never received.

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The Importance of Strangers

Last week I introduced the idea of being open with strangers as a spiritual practice. Now let’s share stories. Here is mine.

When I left Graduate school as a final hurrah my daughter and I were going to Disneyland and while there we were going to visit a friend who was going to take our bird. Where we were moving to no birds were allowed. I did the research with airlines, bought a special carrier and a huge box to put the bird’s cage in and was all set.

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What I’m Not Doing in 2019

The new year is a great time for new beginnings.  As awareness begins, so does the want to change or add things to our lives.  We often say, “This year I’m going to change ‘blank’”.  Having awareness means change!

Deepening One’s Life

Awareness can also mean deepening one’s life.  This is what I will be doing for 2019 in my business.  Instead of adding a new program or trying a new tool to help the business expand this year, I am going to take what is working and deepen it.  By deepening it, I mean become aware of what is working and how I can make it even more useful for myself (and others).

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The Uncomfortable Zone of a Healthy New You

I have had several conversations this week about comfort zones.  In our last Connecting To God Spiritual Direction Training group, we discussed our innate desire for comfort and satisfaction.   Most of the time you can live within your comfort zone.  It is like a security blanket that wraps you up.  You know what to expect when going to work, play, and within the communities you belong to.  The challenge is that comfort zone is very hard to maintain, and it does not invite growth.  Our comfort zone is challenged all the time.  Because we desire comfort and want the feeling of satisfaction, it can quietly become what we live for if we are not aware.  This lack of awareness can cause more dis-ease when change happens.  Like waking a sleeping bear that just wants to go back to bed.

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