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The Importance of Strangers

Last week I introduced the idea of being open with strangers as a spiritual practice. Now let’s share stories. Here is mine.

When I left Graduate school as a final hurrah my daughter and I were going to Disneyland and while there we were going to visit a friend who was going to take our bird. Where we were moving to no birds were allowed. I did the research with airlines, bought a special carrier and a huge box to put the bird’s cage in and was all set.

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What I’m Not Doing in 2019

The new year is a great time for new beginnings.  As awareness begins, so does the want to change or add things to our lives.  We often say, “This year I’m going to change ‘blank’”.  Having awareness means change!

Deepening One’s Life

Awareness can also mean deepening one’s life.  This is what I will be doing for 2019 in my business.  Instead of adding a new program or trying a new tool to help the business expand this year, I am going to take what is working and deepen it.  By deepening it, I mean become aware of what is working and how I can make it even more useful for myself (and others).

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The Uncomfortable Zone of a Healthy New You

I have had several conversations this week about comfort zones.  In our last Connecting To God Spiritual Direction Training group, we discussed our innate desire for comfort and satisfaction.   Most of the time you can live within your comfort zone.  It is like a security blanket that wraps you up.  You know what to expect when going to work, play, and within the communities you belong to.  The challenge is that comfort zone is very hard to maintain, and it does not invite growth.  Our comfort zone is challenged all the time.  Because we desire comfort and want the feeling of satisfaction, it can quietly become what we live for if we are not aware.  This lack of awareness can cause more dis-ease when change happens.  Like waking a sleeping bear that just wants to go back to bed.

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Befriending Darkness

We all begin in darkness. A zygote in the eternal mother’s womb. We are sheltered, fed, tended by the dark, all our needs met. We are warm. We are safe. We belong to everything and there is no separation between me and it and her and him and they. There is only what is. But then… we are thrust into the light. A disconnect happens.

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Small Noticing Can Make A BIG Impact

Sometimes the thought of an aware life can feel overwhelming.  There is so much to be aware of! Where do you even start? Yet if the aware life is more about practice than mastery finding small ways to be aware of one area of life can aid into becoming aware of all of life.  Little noticings done with intention can have a big impact. Here is a 6 week practice to help heighten your awareness.

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Is This Your First Day?

September reminds me of the first day of school and all my new supplies; sharp pencils, new erasers and the all-important lunchbox and backpack. Picking supplies out was thrilling. And then I’d get to school and my energy would be all over the place. The reality didn’t match my expectations and then I didn’t feel like I wanted to start the new school year anymore.

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How to Talk to a Brick Wall

“Talking to them is like talking to a brick wall.”  Have you ever had a conversation where all you are thinking is “they are so stubborn, if they would only look at life a bit differently it would be so much better?”  What do you do with the stubborn, set-in-their-ways people in your life?  This is a question I hear a lot, especially from people who have experienced awakening or have opened up to God in their lives and know the benefits of changing your perspective. The gift of freedom and love is so strong that when you bump into someone who is closed off and complaining about it and yet refuses to do anything about it the contrast actually feels painful.

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