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Playing with words

This week I’m trying another video. Our theme this month is all about “Play” and so I’d like us to consider what happens when we play with words. For example, what other words do you think of, or what feelings do you have when you hear the words, “Summers in Arizona”?

Let’s play with those words and expectations!

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I love watching my granddaughter play in the splash pool in my back yard.  One time she had her doll and wanted it to have a boat.  She must have tried 7 different things before she found something that worked.  Each time she had a story attached to what was happening and she was just delighted.  Last night her mom gave her an inner tube that was just a bit bigger than she was and said if you lay on top of it you will find it relaxing.  Well that started an entire series of the tube flipping and all of us laughing as she figured out how to balance on that tube.  Once she did, she felt amazing and confident.

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